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2013 WinnersSee all »

Shinji did (Not) Have Sex

PixelBlended Studios Best In Show

Stay Down

Reggie Smalls Judges Award – Editing  

Fandoms Shine Brighter

Lady Sililoque Best In Show

Today’s Gentrification...

Warlike swans & Warlike Cygnet 1st – Other  

When A Good Man Goes to War

Lady Sililoque 1st – Drama

Not the End

Pie and Beer 3rd – Fan Favorite

Crazy Maybe

Warlike Swans 2nd – Comedy

Stark’s New Groove

Montana Tipton 3rd – Comedy

Mikkel Kessler

Unknown Entry 3rd – Action

Fuhrer of Sweden

  Mr. Pilkington 1st – Comedy

Star Wars Hold Me Thrill...

Twisted Kingdom 3rd – Action

The Beginning is the End is the...

Bobby McGriffin 3rd – Fan Favorite

Harry Potter Music Video

Sean Harry 2nd – Drama

Guardian Angels

Michel Saucier 3rd – Drama

Lost in Paradise

Lady Sililoque 1st – Fan Favorite Judges Award – Story

Don’t Stop Arale Now

Armed and out of medication Productions 1st Place – Fun


Jessica Braden 2nd – Action

The DNA of James Bond

LJR02 3rd – Other

Mal & Inara – Demons

Heather Daniel 1sh – Romance

Enemy of the State

Kireblue 2nd – Action Kireblue 2nd – Action

Are Ya Ready 4 da Ruffneck Bass

CheMiX 1st Place – Action

The Lives and Deaths of Spike...

LEONHART 3rd – Drama


Mr. Pilkington 2nd – Fun

I See People

Reggie Smalls 2nd – Other

Kaoru’s Motivation

Axel647 3rd – Fun

The Eleven Doctors

Brandon Alspaugh 2nd – Fun

Catching Peeta

Paparazzi Productions 2nd – Comedy


Mathilde JOVANOVIC 2nd – Romance

Dark Side

Brad DeMoss 2nd – Drama


Moonsong Studios 1st – Action

For You

AmoChan Productions 2nd – Other

Werewolf Wardrobe Fund

Warlike Swans 1st – Comedy


AngelDragoon 2nd – Fan Favorite

Whovian Craziness

Mathilde JOVANOVIC 1st – Other

Merry Nightmare

Kireblue 2nd – Fan Favorite

Thor’s Systematic Loki Habit

Moonsong Studios 3rd – Romance

The Mad Scientist in Love

LEONHART 1st – Fan Favorite

Dora the Explorer

Corsair AMV 3rd – Other

Katherine Loves It

MusicMakesTheFandom 1st – Fun

A Drop of Hope

Baka Oppai 1st – Drama

Brooklyn’s the Sexy Boy

BladEra123 3rd – Comedy

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